The task of selecting the top 25 cricket venues in the world was difficult due to the fact that one fan’s ideal stadium might be another fan’s worst nightmare. As a result of this, there is a lot of wiggle space for many perspectives on how to look at it. In almost all stadiums, the energy level is over the roof if there is a local derby or a test match going on. According to the cricket latest update news, in order to determine the order of these locations, from worst to best, they employed a scoring system that awarded 10 points for each category. You’ll find additional information about this system down below.

  • HPCA Stadium –

Address: Dharamshala, India

There is enough room inside for 25.000 people.

Built: 2003

Himachal Pradesh, Kings XI Punjab, India.

Environment: 5

Even though it can be hard to tell the difference between the hype and real emotion in the Indian Premier League, Kings XI’s most recent performances were loud enough to be heard.

Origins: 1

After the Indian Premier League’s trips to the highest ground in the world were a success, the Himalayan Cricket and Athletics Association (HPCA) may soon host more one-day international matches.

The show up of nine

the beautiful HPCA Stadium in northern India would be higher on this list if its surroundings were the only thing that mattered. Where else would you be able to get into a bowl but at the Himalaya End?

  • SuperSport Park (formerly Centurion Park) –

In South Africa, the city of Centurion is in the province of Gauteng.

Being able to hold 22,000

Built: 1985

People who live in South Africa, the Northerns, and the Northern Transvaal

Environment: 6

Even though it has a terrible name (it’s named after the TV network that sponsors it), this new place is a great place to hang out, especially on the grassy banks where there’s usually a barbecue going. Even though it has a terrible name (it’s named after the TV network that sponsors it), this new place is a great place to hang out.

The Fourth Part Concerning Events That Have Taken Place in the Past

In spite of the fact that it does not have a lengthy history in cricket, it was chosen as the location for the final of the ICC Champions Trophy in 2009 and for Sachin Tendulkar to score his 50th century in a test match.

Even if it could take some time to get accustomed to, the typical contemporary stands are more than compensated for by the grassy sides of the field and the wonderful facilities provided for both the players and the supporters.

  • Rose Bowl –

Southampton is a city in the United Kingdom.

Seats for 20,000 people

Built: 2001

So that their teams would look good, people from the English county of Hampshire

Environment: 6

Because it is not too far from Southampton and located in a rural region, this lovely pitch makes for an excellent location to play cricket on a pleasant summer day or evening.

Due to the fact that the Rose Bowl hasn’t been in existence for an exceptionally long time, it doesn’t have an exceptionally extensive history in this regard. On the other side, England’s summer calendar for white-ball matches has always included this particular encounter. In 2011, Sri Lanka visited the city, and while they were there, the city hosted its very first test match, which was played against Sri Lanka.

How appealing they are to the observer: 8

This stadium may be spanking new, but it makes up for its lack of history with a perfectly circular playing field, a gorgeous pavilion, and trendy bleachers. All of these features can be found at the stadium.

Total: 16

  • Old Trafford –

Placement for 26,000 occupants (for international matches)

Built: 1857

A group from the county of Lancashire in England

Environment: 6

Almost never does the sunshine on this pitch, but when Lancashire’s rivals Yorkshire or the Australians come to town, the stadium goes crazy.

Previously: 8

The second-oldest test ground in England is where both Jim Laker’s amazing match statistics of 19 for 90 and Shane Warne’s “ball of the century” in 1993 happened. This place has been here since the early 1900s.

The coming out of three

Even though the pavilion has a traditional look, the aesthetics of the ground have never been very appealing. The addition of the red blocks has not changed this and has not made it better.

  • Port Elizabeth (St George’s Oval) –

This story takes place in Port Elizabeth, which is in South Africa.

Placement for 19,000 occupants

Built: 1885

the South African national team and the Eastern Cape Warriors. “the team from South Africa.”

Environment: 6

If you’re looking for a quiet place to watch a cricket game in the Rainbow Nation, you’ve come to the right place. On the other hand, travelers from other countries may notice that the area has a new sense of life.

Previously: 6

In a manner somewhat dissimilar to that described above, an additional stadium that had been shut down for an extended period of time prior to the year 2000 was totally renovated following that year. At the stadium in 1988, something that was referred to be a “Test match” took place. It was the very first occasion that a test match was played in a location other than England or Australia.

St. George’s Oval is the name of one of the cricket grounds that is well recognised in South Africa. The Duckpond End stand, which has four levels, is one of its most recognisable features. This field is easily distinguished due to the grass banks that surround it. On cricket pitches, grass banks are a typical architectural element.

  • Headingley –

The United Kingdom is where Leeds is.

Placement for 17,000 occupants

Built: 1890

An English group from the county of Yorkshire

Environment: 7 (x 2 after about four pints)

When the no-kids zone Western Terrace gets going, many opposing teams and fans don’t know what hit them.

Extensive past: 8

These are best cricket venues where fans love to watch cricket.

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