Due to the fact that handling payroll is a critical task for the organization, and ensuring its competitiveness is a must, small business owners opted to outsource their payroll. This ensures accuracy and strict adherence to the regulations, especially when computing taxes.

However, even there are many service providers today in the market, it can be difficult to choose who will best suit your business. With that, consider the following things when looking for payroll solutions to ensure that you select the best.

  • Smooth Implementation Process

The payroll service provider you choose should instill trust in you from the start by outlining every facet of your potential implementation procedure. It is critical to request references from the provider’s other customers who are similar to yours so that you can assess how their implementation procedures went.

  • Integration

Look for a company that provides this integration type through a single platform. When your systems are integrated, you do not have to adjust everything every time your business evolves, or a third-party module needs to be updated significantly.

  • Employee Self-Service

A new payroll solution should not only be simple to use for your payroll staff or supervisors. You should also consider your employees’ needs and abilities. Employees should be able to quickly browse the system on their own to view PTO balances, schedules, and pay stubs. 

Six Things to Look for When Selecting a Payroll Service Provider | Accu Data

  • Tax-Filing Services

Maintaining federal, state, and local tax compliance can be time-consuming, but it is a crucial component of payroll processing. Filing tax payments for payroll on time and precisely processing required papers decreases your company’s risk and can protect you from costly fines and penalties. Your payroll solution should make tax filing and reporting to federal authorities a breeze.

  • Reporting

Your new payroll system should be able to generate the reports you require promptly and efficiently. For example, if the CFO wishes to examine your company’s total labor costs by location, you should readily have that information. 

  • Security

Employers acquire a great deal of sensitive information on their employees, which, in the wrong hands, can lead to disastrous financial circumstances such as identity theft. Payroll databases can be a tempting target for cybercriminals. Ascertain that the service provider employs security measures such as multi-factor authentication, a dedicated risk assessment team, and the like.

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