Our four-wheelers facilitate our livelihood in many ways. They make travelling to places easier and enable us to get our jobs done on time. They reduce our reliance on other people and public transport considerably. They also serve as important assets that add to our social status. So, safeguarding them is a given. An excellent way to do so is by opting for Car Insurance.

It protects you and your vehicle against physical damages caused by natural calamities, burglaries, traffic collisions, etc. It also covers any medical expenses you might have incurred during such occurrences. The following are the most prominent features ofFour-Wheeler Insurance:

Lock & key replacement

Replacing damaged or lost car locks and keys is the last thing any owner wants. The reason is onlyvehicle manufacturers can provide you with replacement keys. But for this, they charge you exorbitantly high rates. Understanding this valid issue, online Car Insurance providers cover your lock and key replacement costs. Competent ones even cover the costs of getting your car to the nearest network garage. This makes your task more manageable and convenient.

Types of coverage

Like Health Insurance, Motor Insurance also offers different coverage types. Here are some of them:

  1.     Liability Only Policy– this takes care of any physical damage caused to your vehicle by a third party. It is also mandatory for every Insurance holder in India to have this coverage.
  1.     Add-on covers- this includes a customised combination of coverages. The offerings entirely depend on your provider. Thus, check with your provider to avail of them.
  1.     Stand-Alone Own Damage Policy – this type of Car Policy covers any damage caused by forces beyond your control. For example, a tree falls on your parked vehicle and damages it.

Simple policy renewals

Reliable Insurance providers usually have a hassle-free Car Insurance renewal process in place. They do so for your convenience. This way, you do not waste time on unnecessary formalities. Also, such providers generally have efficient customer service. You need not visit the branch for minor issues physically. But to reap such benefits, buy Car Insurance online wisely.

Easy & cashless claims

The fallout of a road collision is a highly inconvenient affair. You need to consider various factors and manage different expenses. In some cases, you might even have to negotiate with other drivers. This is not only a task but also time-consuming. But if you have a Car Insurance Policy, you need not deal with the aftermath in such a manner. An efficient policy offers access to easy and cashless claim settlements.

These facilities link the insurer with authorised garages that assist them during accidents. For instance, you face a minor road accident. But the collision causes significant physical damage to your car. In this case, take your vehicle to any network garage associated with your Insurance Company. There, avail of the cashless claim facility through which you do not get predisposed to your vehicle’s repair costs.

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