If you’re currently looking for a new Persian rug, then you’re going to luckily find out that there are countless options via online rug outlets. Online rug shopping has skyrocketed in recent years, and today’s average rug shopper has different concerns as compared to the years past. 

Nowadays rug shoppers are more concerned with being able to compare their favorite options while coming to a final purchasing decision, which can be a lot easier said than done when you simply have an endless array of choices. 

So what we’ve done is compile this list of tips to help you compare and contrast different Persian rugs from one another while online rug shopping! 

What You Should Recognize While Shopping Online For A New Persian Area Rug 

It’s common for people to begin decorating a room with the area rug first, and leaning towards a Persian rug is a great step for any room’s décor! 

As exciting as Persian rug shopping can be, everyone wants to make the best investment, which is why you should keep the following in mind while narrowing down your top options: 

The Persian Rug’s Size 

Your new area rug’s size will largely depend upon your unique needs, which is why you should have a minimum/maximum rug parameters in mind based upon your own precise room measurements. 

But of course you’re inevitably going to come across a scenario of falling in love with two or more similarly sized rugs, and this is where you’ll need to get specific about sizing. Our advice is to not be afraid to go big, and simply be sure that all of your room’s furniture is at least slightly on top of the rug. 

Rug Color 

Rug color is another major factor that’ll help you differentiate two Persian rugs from one another, and this shopping factor should also go hand in hand with your room’s existing décor. 

As much as people want to focus upon color aesthetics with their rug shopping, you should always make sure that your rug blends well with everything else in your desired space in order to create a cohesive ambience. And when it comes down to it, the moods and effects that you want your Persian rug to embody will always be totally up to you! 

Persian Rug Quality 

Knot count and weaving quality will always be crucial when judging the overall quality of a Persian rug’s design. The overall quality of the wool or other rug material will always play a major role in determining a rug’s overall quality. Dye quality is another major factor to keep in mind as well. 

There undoubtedly are plenty of knockoffs out there online, which is why it’s so crucial to do your Persian rug shopping on websites you can trust! 

Country of Origin 

Persian rugs come from a whole array of different countries and cultures, even though many of these rugs originate from Iran. But today’s industry will also include area rugs from Tibet, Turkey, Pakistan, Nepal and Iraq as a part of this niche as well. 

Knowing where certain rug options come from can help provide you with increased cultural significance, which can go a long way to help you differentiate your top options. 

The Overall Condition & Age Of The Rug 

Many expensive Persian rugs will be antiques, which means they’re older than 50-60 years old. A lot of Persian rugs actually increase as they get older, which is a major reason why these area rugs are considered to be such great investments! 

Be sure you’re getting a good idea of how old a Persian rug is while you’re looking at it online, and always be sure to get thorough images and videos of the rug so you can verify its condition. 

Reach Out To The Persian Rug Experts at Rug Source To Learn More Online Shopping Tips! 

There are a lot of things that online rug shoppers need to consider while narrowing down their top options, and shopping with a reputable vendor will always go a long way towards making the entire online shopping experience much smoother. 

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