If you are seeing cockroaches in your house and cannot fathom the way they might be getting in, you are not the only one. These little creatures enter the house regardless of all the hygiene and cleanliness you take. If the infestation is minor, you can use various DIYs to get rid of them. On the other hand, if you can see that the infestation is larger, you should contact a professional pest control service provider. You can click here to learn more about professional pest control services.

These pests are infamous for causing harmful diseases, and most importantly, they are worthy of making the home environment dirty. The first step in eliminating the roaches is finding out the sources that are attracting them. 

  • Food sources 

These creepy crawlers are omnivorous creatures. They will eat everything that is edible. Often, they also feed on clothes and papers. However, starches, meat, sweets, and greasy food are a few of their favorites.

They are attracted to easily available food, like the leftovers you throw in dustbins, dirty dishes in the sink, pet food on the floors, etc. Ensure that you do not leave food unattended or leftovers here and there, or they will act as invitation cards for the pests.

  • Water 

If you have leaking water, holes in pipes, loose faucets, etc., they will attract pests and most importantly roaches. Like any living organism that needs water to live its life. Ensure that you do not leave any leaking source of water unattended.

  • Shelter 

Roaches enter your house in search of a comfortable environment. Depending on the variety of cockroaches, they can be living in sinks, behind furniture, in kitchens, bathrooms, storerooms, etc. They are most likely to enter your homes in winter when the temperature outside the house will fall. You can find them most in place of your house where you visit the least, like attics, basements, etc.

  • Landscaping 

Another significant factor for their entry is the landscaping around your house. If you have yards, gutters, flowerpots, etc., they find shelter in these places and eventually get near your house. 


If you are struggling with cockroaches entering your house, you can call for help. There are pest control services that will get rid of the pests, including cockroaches entering your house. DIYs are not fully effective.