Stink bugs are not exactly harmful to health or physical matters. However, their presence inside the house can be annoying. They generally increase in numbers during fall as well as winter. If you are facing a Stink bugs infestation at your home, it is suggested to concern professional services by pest control San Antonio. They help take care of all your bug-related concerns and help complete eradication. 

Stink bugs are about 3/4 of an inch in size. They are generally found in brown, grey, or dark green. They are in the shape of shields and have light bands on their antennae and darker ones on the outer area of the abdomen. The underside of their thoraxes has stink glands. It can be found between the first and second pair of legs.

Stink bugs and their reproduction

Stink bugs are known for reproducing yearly. However, spring and summer are known for their feeler time for reproducing, leading to the formation of 2 to 3 generations. In those seasons, the female stink bugs leave a lot of stink bugs eggs inside the leaves and stems. After getting hatched, the names undergo five phases to mature into adult stink bugs. 

Adult stink bugs are known for getting out of their shelters in the spring and fall seasons. They can be found in curtains, lampshades, or other materials in the house.

Origin of stink bugs

Stink bugs are not originally from the United States. The brown marmorated stink bugs are originally from Asia. They are natives of Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan. They were found in the state of Northern Pennsylvania. They migrated to New Jersey, and now they have been rampant in all the other states.

Stink bugs are annoying for house owners. However, they are extremely dangerous to farmers. Their impact has been extremely damaging to the crops and plants that are grown by them. They generally damage trees that give fruits. They also tend to destroy corn, tomato, green pepper, and persimmon plants. They consume ornamental plants, beets, so that means, etc. The consumption process of stink bugs involves the usage of piercing and sucking, which leads to long-term damage to plants.

Many farmers have lost their whole reduce due to stink bug infestation. The agricultural industry has faced many laws due to these bugs. Just because they are not natives, population control is not possible by natural means.

Speak to a pest control company! 

Getting rid of stink bugs is essential to ensure they do not cause you or anyone else harm. Professional pest control services can help you achieve the same.