Calling your insurance provider and scheduling a damage assessment by a water restoration clean up firm are the recommended initial steps to take if water damage has harmed your home or place of business. 

Here are some suggestions to aid you in helping your house be restored as a homeowner. 

  • Dehumidifying the area 

Dehumidifying the space is the initial stage. You can start using dehumidifiers as soon as the region is no more inundated with water & is officially certified as safe by a licensed electrician. 

  • Drying the house 

Allow fresh air to flow inside by opening the windows. It’s crucial to absorb as a great deal of water as you possibly can. Use an old cloth or a mop. When drying books spread them out in the open and make sure the space they are in is well-ventilated. 

  • Using wooden blocks 

Make wooden blocks that may be used to support furniture while it dries. Wrapping the blocks with aluminum foil will prevent carpet stains. 

  • Removing loose coverings 

All loose floor coverings should be removed and sent to a professional for cleaning and drying. Bacteria may establish a home in these places. Therefore, it is important to clean them thoroughly to stop any from growing and reproducing in your carpets after the flood. 

  • Lifting all draperies 

Lifting any drapes off the ground is a good idea. The best course of action, if it has been wet, is to bring it down and let a pro clean them. Every piece of furniture, including cabinets and drawers, should be accessible. It’s crucial to remove all the contents from such places and let them air out so they can completely dry up. 

  • Things to avoid 

It’s vital to avoid removing the water using a regular home hoover. Your device will be ruined. It is advisable to let the experts handle the water extraction. The ideal tool for the job is a wet/dry shop vacuum if you only need to remove a little amount of standing water that cannot be removed with a mop or towel. 

  • Unplugging electrical units 

Any location with standing water or that is currently wet should not have electrical equipment plugged in. 

Reasons to call the experts 

The tools used by professionals can properly dry and clean your carpet. Your household goods may sustain damage if water and bacteria get inside of them. Do not hesitate to contact water restoration specialists to start the process of restoring your property and putting it back into regular operation. 

It’s critical to phone your insurance provider right once and request that someone come out right away to dry up your home since bacteria can start to grow in only a few minutes. Professionals in water restoration can prevent the growth and festering of germs, mildew, and mold.