In this pandemic situation when you are unable to enjoy outside of your home, television became one of the entertaining sources for spending the free time of the people. On television, you will get various types of channels that offer you varieties of shows movies that series and many other entertaining things. Some people prefer to have local this channel at their home. Although many people choose to have d2h cable services for their TV. Among all the cable service providers spectrum cable of a variety of channels to the user including the channels which shows the latest movie and many other shows. The main advantage of the spectrum is that you can select channels according to your choice. You are not bound to watch those channels which are provided by local cable. Spectrum also has different packages for its users. The users can select their best packages according to their budget and interest. There are three types of spectrum packages available for the users which include the basic package silver and golden package. It is up to the user which one they want to select for entertaining themselves. Among all Spectrum, the TV silver package is the best option for the users who want to enjoy HD quality videos as well as having a limited budget.

Features of spectrum cable services

  • Choose a channel according to your interest.
  • Offers 3 types of packages basic, silver and golden.
  • Easy to install and bill payment system.
  • Offers HD quality videos.
  • You can watch your favourite shows movies series even can listen to the music of your taste.
  • You can watch your favourite channel in different languages as per your interest.
  • It offers 24/7 hours non-stop services to its users.

Different types of spectrum packages

Golden package- in a golden package you will get HD quality videos along with the latest and updated movies and shows. Although its charges are higher than the silver and basic package. In this package, you can also enjoy music, news, sports and kids channels. You will get all the premium channels when you subscribe golden package for your TV. It also informs you from time to time about the upcoming shows and movies on different channels.

Silver package- spectrum TV sliver package however offer you videos in HD quality but you can’t enjoy all the premium channels offered by spectrum TV. Apart from that, you are unable to watch the latest shows and movies when you subscribe spectrum silver package. You even can’t listen to music in a silver package. For music, you have to subscribe to the golden package for your TV.

Basic package- as the name suggests basic package are likely the local cable channels. You can watch limited channels in this package. You Can’t enjoy the latest shows and movies using this package. However, you have the option to exclude and include channels from your channel list.

Pros of the silver package

HD quality channels- in a silver package of the spectrum you can enjoy high-quality videos with the best picture quality. The network and coverage of spectrum are spread in the wider area hence you can get the availability of HD quality video all the time.

Affordable– subscribing to a silver package is an affordable choice. If you don’t have any interest in music and news you can easily select the silver package as it will save you money as well as you can enjoy all your favourite channels on a limited budget. Hence install spectrum silver package for your TV and enjoy unlimited shows and movies by spending less money.

Convenience– it’s very convenient to pay a bill for all the packages along with a silver one. You can easily add on the channels and shows which you want to watch and exclude those with are of no interest. It’s offer convenience to the users to use spectrum channels and services.

Cons of spectrum silver package

Unavailability of latest shows and movies- in spectrum channels silver package you can’t watch latest moves and shows. You need to upgrade your package into a golden one which may increase your cost and budget.

Technical issues- sometimes you have to face several technical issues while using spectrum tv services. It sometimes irritates the users and they have to wait sometime long for their favourite shows. Hence this is one of the major drawbacks of this cable service. Even sometimes you have to face problems because of their technical staff.

You can’t enjoy music and news channels- the spectrum silver package not allowed its users to listen to music and watch the latest news on the television. Hence for listening to and watching music you need to take the golden package which will directly increase the cost of the subscription.

Is it’s worth taking the spectrum tv silver package?

From the above discussion, we can conclude that the spectrum silver package is convenient to select channels for its users as well as it’s cost-effective. Hence you can select the spectrum tv channels for your tv