What’s the one thing that made you fall in love with your BAE? Probably, you’d say that your partner is not like anyone else you have ever met in your life. The way he/she makes you feel is different and special. And, that’s why the ‘love you’ share is ‘unique.’ So, when you are ready to take your relationship to the next level with such an exceptional person, you definitely require a unique wedding ring

At Gemrize, our custom ring creation process goes beyond mere selection and setting a stone. If you have a vision, our master jewelers can help bring it into reality – even if your idea is just scribbling on a piece of paper. 

Still, feeling confused about a custom wedding ring? Here we share with you the four major reasons to go for a customized unique wedding ring. 

  1. Custom Process is Simpler Than You Think

Simply share your idea with us, and we take care of the rest! There are a few steps that we follow to make sure the final design matches your vision. First, we draw a sketch, 3D model, or render for your unique ring. We go through our inventory and wide range of sources to bring you an ideal center stone and side stones. Once you are happy with the final design, we begin with the crafting process. Our expert jewelry artisans hand finish your bespoke ring to bring it to life. 

  1. You Get To Add Sentimental Touches

Do you want to add a special diamond from your grandma’s jewelry collection? Or simply want to engrave a love note inside your wedding ring? Or etch down a special date that evokes memories of a certain place or the date of your proposal. Besides that, you could even consider adding a birthstone accent or a special gemstone of the month you’ll get married. 

No matter what your sentimental values are, you can make them part of your unique wedding ring or even diamond earrings, or any other jewelry you want. Our expert jewelers know how to creatively insert special touches in hidden spots. Those sentimental touches will remain hidden from the world. But known to only you two!

  1. Custom Wedding Ring Doesn’t Mean Pricey

Our experts can help you create a beautiful ring as per your budget, without compromising on the quality. All our gemstones are hand-picked by a skilled jeweler. So, no matter what your budget range is, we guarantee the utmost precision and exceptional quality. 

  1. Your Wedding Ring Will Be One-of-a-Kind

Keeping all the possibilities (stone sizes and shapes, metal types, clarity, cut, or intricate details) in mind, there’s no way that anyone else will own a wedding ring like yours. If you always wanted a distinct ring, the custom wedding ring is the right option for you. 

Creating one-of-a-kind jewelry is our specialty! Let Gemrize make your special day more memorable with a unique wedding ring. We hear your story behind the creation of a specific design. We work with the same emotion in mind to design something completely original and authentic for you.