As technology dominates every sphere in our existence, our reliance upon cellular devices for all sorts of tasks increases. It’s no question that the majority of medium and small companies possess a mobile application solution. 2017 is regarded as a benchmark year for mobility and mobile application development.

From eCommerce stores to niche services and products and bigger brands like Dominos, Starbucks etc. – everybody uses a slice from the application cake. It’s believed which more than 50% of small companies can create a mobile application in 2017. But merely getting a mobile application isn’t enough. You must have a mobile strategy as well as be familiar with the trends shaping the way forward for cellular devices and application development to determine what is useful for your company application.

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Do you know the a few of the influencing factors for SMBs thinking about to construct sustainable apps? Let us have a look:

Location-based services

2016 saw a boost in the introduction of location based mobile phone applications. Medium and small companies (SMBs) especially find this helpful because these services give customers instant details about products/services, cost comparisons, reviews, product alternatives and lots of additional features. Location based apps provide your business an aggressive edge by targeting prospective customers inside your vicinity, thus growing the likelihood of a purchase. Apps may either choose Gps navigation-enabled or beacon-compatible methods to boost the retail business’s footfalls and revenue.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) went mobile

Application developers are more and more using AI within their apps. We’ve got the technology has numerous wide-varying applications from health to education and eCommerce. AI may take personalization and predictive shopping one step further using its advanced algorithms and employ of massive Data.

SMBs use features that boost the Return on investment

AI, chatbots and VR are extremely awesome and can most likely dominate application technology for years to come. However, not every companies take advantage of these technologies. Typically, the characteristics that SMBs favor when developing mobile phone applications are proportional to improving Return on investment. Many surveys and research reveal that social integration and mobile payments are two most consistently used and valuable application features for small companies.

Internet of products

The IoT market is having a major boom at this time and device-integration with apps may be the solution. A lot of companies within the healthcare, finance, education and automobiles business therefore are making money about this chance which will change the way forward for apps.


Security is among the greatest concerns using the hyper-connected world and occurrences of privacy and knowledge breach occurrences becoming rampant. Application security as well as mobile application security is thus a vital element in the prosperity of a mobile application and required for business to safeguard the bigger interest of mobile application users and sensitive information.

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Utilization of mix platform technology to ship apps faster

Mix platform technology isn’t a new trend but is gaining more recognition every year as companies require the largest possible tool and OS coverage which is too costly and time intensive to build up for every OS. A mix platform application development company will help you leverage technologies like Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic etc. to achieve to an extensive subscriber base and ship quality apps faster.


Mobile phone applications are not going anywhere soon and can most likely undergo an immediate transformation within the scope and technology they will use by 2020. Companies have to consider a lengthy-term strategy when building mobile phone applications and check out maximizing their Return on investment and enhance branding with the aid of these latest advancements. What exactly are your views? Please tell us within the comments section below.