The Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group), a well-established multi-business corporation known for its robust presence in the FMCG sector, has taken a significant leap in augmenting its hospitality portfolio. This strategic growth has been made possible through the acquisition of Viceroy Bangalore Hotels Pvt. Ltd. The move not only amplifies the DS Group’s footprint in the hospitality sector but also represents a carefully calculated step towards diversification and broadening of its business operations.

The Strategic Acquisition

Known for its robust portfolio in both the FMCG and hospitality sectors, the DS Group has successfully acquired Viceroy Hotels through a competitive bidding process. This acquisition marks the DS Group’s significant entry into the hospitality market of Southern India.

The Marriott-managed Renaissance Bengaluru, a central component of this acquisition, is a luxurious property situated on approximately 1.8 acres of prime land. It boasts 275 rooms and offers captivating views of Bengaluru’s Race Course. The hotel’s location in the Central Business District enhances its value, making it a strategic addition to the DS Group’s esteemed hospitality portfolio.

The DS Group is currently formulating comprehensive strategies to enhance the allure of the newly acquired hotel. The aim is to seamlessly integrate it with the Group’s well-established standards of excellence. This proactive approach underscores the conglomerate’s commitment to elevating guest experiences while maintaining quality across all its hospitality ventures.

With this acquisition, the DS Group India expands its footprint and reinforces its continued commitment to the hospitality business. It marks a significant milestone in the Group’s growth strategy and aligns with their long-term vision of providing unparalleled experiences to guests.

Existing Portfolio in Hospitality

The DS Group conglomerate is not new to the hospitality industry; it has been an active player since 2000. Its current portfolio includes distinguished properties such as The Manu Maharani in Nainital and Namah in Jim Corbett National Park, which are both part of Radisson. Other notable properties include Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati, Crowne Plaza in Jaipur Tonk Road, and Holiday Inn Express at Kolkata Airport.

The Broader Perspective

Founded in 1929, the DS Group has gradually expanded its business operations into various sectors, including food and beverage, confectionery, luxury retail, and more. With renowned brands like Rajnigandha Silver Pearls, Catch, Ksheer, Pass Pass, and Pulse, the DS Group has a comprehensive reach and substantial impact on Indian households.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Viceroy Bangalore Hotels Pvt. Ltd is a pivotal step in the DS Group’s long-standing commitment to quality and growth in the hospitality sector. It sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in the industry, further solidifying the company’s position as a leader in diverse business ventures.