One of the surprising factors for you can be that almost all of the pet parents travel with their pet in the car all the time. It will not be a surprising fact for pet parents as they know that their pet loves the ride and there is no way that they can leave their beloved at home when going outside.

As much as you love your dog and want them to be comfortable, there are few basic safety precautions that you must follow while travelling with your dog in a car. An unrestrained dog can be severely injured during a car crash and the impact with which it may hit the dashboard cannot be predicted. Get Elite Fresh Pet Food Near me shop by searching for it online.

Well, this will sound hurtful but it’s true you need to protect your dog and for that, the precaution must be followed even if it sacrifices a bit of comfort. Let us take a look at different types of restraints for pets when sitting in a car.

Dog Harness Seatbelt

This will suit a well-trained dog as it restricts free movement. The level of restriction in this harness is not suitable for energetic dogs and they may cause harm to themselves or the car. It should be used on dogs who weigh more than 9 kg as it is not suitable for smaller dogs. Wide straps with pads will help the dogs feel comfortable.

Zipline Harness

A zipline harness is perfect for those dogs who may become restless if are forced to sit on one spot. This type of harness will restrain your dog in the backseat but will also allow some level of movement so that they are comfortable. It is not recommended for small dogs as they may fall into the car’s footwell when you apply brakes suddenly. Find High-value Dog Food in Bangalore for your needs.


A crate is basically what you might have seen cat owners carry. This is a hard sized secure crate that allows movement plus protection and is suitable for any age or size of the dog. It is important to note though that crate might not be the best option for dogs who are afraid of confined spaces.

There are many other ways that you can adopt to protect your dog, however, these are the tried and tested ones and will keep your dog safe for sure.