Marhaba is offering great services in the area of Dubai. This company is now partnered with international networks of lounges around the globe. It provides you with pre-bookable access to its lounge at the airport. In addition, Marhaba ensures you a relaxing time in its lounge.

With Marhaba, luxuries will be a part of your journey every time you travel. Marhaba has more than four hundred airport lounges in 80 above countries around the globe. Travelers can access these lounges in more than 250 airports. 

The good thing about the Marhaba lounge is it offers you a la carte meal. You can catch up on your work or spend a relaxing time simply in the area of exclusive lounges. A common query that travelers have is about the food and drinks.

They ask, are drinks and food free in the Marhaba lounge? We know that you will be pleased to hear that drinks and food are complimentary. They are included in the fee of Marhaba lounges. Let luxury and comfort be an amazing part of your journey at 400 airports.

We assure you that you will get an unparalleled experience in the lounge of Marhaba no matter which class of travel you have. The staff will welcome you happily at any time you reach the airport. Lounges provide you following facilities.

  • International cuisine with cold and hot beverages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

Marhaba offers more services to travelers around the world. It offers you chauffeur services, meet and greet services, transfer services, and baggage services. The charges for lounges of Marhaba may differ according to the area and services it offers.

Al-Maktoum Lounge

If you have to book the services of the Al-Maktoum lounge, you have to pay 50.36 USD per person. There can be no better place to unwind yourself than a lounge when you reach Dubai airport. Lounge warmly welcomes you and offers certain amenities.

These amenities include premium facilities with the finest cuisine. The staff is committed and provides you with special treatment. We assure you that you will truly feel special with the services of Marhaba. The lounge is open for 24 hours. 

You can maximally stay here for the time duration of two hours. There is no need to pay a fee for children under the age of two years. Enjoy international cuusine. 

Restrooms are available in the lounge. Seating is comfortable, and you can avail of sleeping pods that are available outside the area of the lounge. Furthermore, customers have to pay an additional fee for sleeping pods. 

You can access high-speed wifi that is complimentary. Watch Tv or read magazines or newspapers. 

Dubai International Airport Lounges

These lounges are exclusive and stylish. Enjoy a relaxing time in Dubai lounges before your departure. Your class of travel or airlines does not matter to access these lounges. The staff welcomes customers and offers premium facilities with the finest cuisine.

Moreover, the staff of these lounges is responsible for providing you with all the amenities you need. The good thing about these lounges is, you can stay for eight hours here if you have to wait for your flight for a long time. A separate play area for children is available in Dubai lounges.

You can access the prayer room anytime in the lounge. There are mobile charging stations to help travelers to charge their phones quickly before or after their flights. Spa service is available in these lounges, but you have to pay an additional fee for these services.  

Freshen up by taking a hot shower in the lounge. Pay an extra fee if you want to get the facility of a shower. There are snooze rooms available in these lounges for an additional fee.

You can book other services of Marhaba, such as the home check-in service, which is available for USD 59.73. Meet and greet services charge you USD 21.78. If you want to book the land and leave services, then you have to pay USD 31.44. 

Moreover, you can book Dubai chauffeur services too for USD 42.78. If you want to guarantee a specific service, book it in advance.

Always check the availability of services because some services may not be available sometimes due to the ongoing condition of coronavirus. We advise you to book Marhaba lounges to make your airport experience pleasant and easy.