Most parents would have a tough time finding out the dental care their kids would need. They should find a method to prevent cavities but they might not always be aware of the way to do so. In such cases, you could look for a dental clinic in Berwick dentist where the dentist would look into the issue and provide you with much-needed guidance. You could reach out to any Berwick dental clinic in the area so that they can help you and provide awareness on how to keep the child’s teeth healthy and free from cavities and other issues.

Good dental care should begin when the baby’s first tooth appears. Just because you are unable to see a baby’s teeth doesn’t mean that they are not there. Teeth formation begins from the second trimester of pregnancy. During birth, you could see 20 primary teeth in babies, some of which would be fully developed in the jaw. Take a look at how and when it should be cleaned.

  • Even before the baby starts teething, run a clean and damp washcloth over the gums to clear harmful bacteria.
  • When the baby gets teeth, brush with an infant toothbrush. Make use of water and a tiny bit of fluoride toothpaste.
  • When two of the baby’s teeth begin to touch, you can start flossing.
  • By the age of 2, the child should start spitting while brushing. Avoid giving water to swish and spit as kids might swallow toothpaste more likely.
  • Kids above the age of 3 should use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste with fluoride.
  • Supervise kids younger than 8 while brushing as they might swallow the toothpaste.

Babies might also get tooth decay if it is not cared for. Putting a baby to sleep with a bottle might cause harm to the teeth of the baby and the sugar from juice, milk, formula etc could remain on the baby’s teeth for hours and can eat away the enamel. Brushing teeth would remove such particles and protect against tooth decay.

When kids are 6 months old, they would switch from a bottle to a sippy cup. This would help in preventing the liquid from pooling around a child’s teeth. They would have motor skills and coordination to use cups on their own when they turn one.

When should kids see a dentist?

Children should see their dentist when they turn one. During this visit, the dentist would explain proper flossing and brushing techniques and examine the baby’s mouth.

The visits can help find problems early and help kids get used to visiting the dentist so that they would have less fear about going as they get older. Consider taking the child to the dentist who specializes in treating kids. Pediatric dentists are trained well to handle a wide range of issues associated with a kid’s dental health. They could also help you and refer you to a different type of specialist like an orthodontist to correct an overbite or oral surgeon for jaw realignment. If the child seems to be at risk for cavities or other problems, the dentist might start applying topical fluoride even before the teeth come in.