Comedy is subjective, but the right comedian can make almost anyone start laughing!  Whether you’re trying to plan a birthday party or you’re hosting a corporate event, comedy can bring people together and make them feel good.  


These are the top ways to find the best comedian despite your budget. 

What Type of Event Is This?

Before you hire a comedian, it’s vital that you have everything in line so that you can be clear on your needs and able to answer any questions they have.  One of the most important ways to do this is to be clear on what type of event you’re hosting.

Is this going to be a bar mitzvah, or are you hiring them for a retirement party?  The type of party you’re throwing will inform the type of comedian you want, how skilled they are or how much you want to pay them.  This can allow you to make better decisions.

Is There Wiggle Room in the Budget?

What’s your budget look like outside of the comedy act?  If you have a tight budget all around, and can hardly afford the catering, maybe this event isn’t the one for a comedian.  If, instead, you realize you’re spending five thousand on flowers, and you’d rather have a comedian than a bridal shower full of flowers: it’s okay to swap things around in the budget.   Creativity here is a must.

How Long is the Event?

How long is the comedian going to be expected to perform?  Is it going to be a simple fifteen-minute set, or are you looking for a long 45-minute one?  Talk to your comedian and find out how much they charge for either of these.  This will allow them to give you a rate that’s more suited to what you need.

Do You Have Comedians in Mind?

Are there any comedians that are making you laugh right now?  Although you might not be able to afford the budget-breaking pros on television, you might be able to find someone locally who has a similar style and sense of humor.  Consider putting out a listing or post that you’re looking for a comedian similar to that one and asking for quotes.  This will allow you to get to know more local comedians and will give you the chance to look at the pricing of local comedians instead.

Consider Talking to Comedians.

One of the best ways to figure out a workaround is to talk to the comedians.  Some will offer to accept tips via cash app or PayPal, but you shouldn’t immediately expect them to do this.  It’s a better idea that you take the time to work up the funds to pay them.  Ask if they’ll make a payment plan before the event, paying weekly until you’ve paid it off.  Although not every comedian will accept this either, it’s another great option for those on a tight budget.

There is No Reason Professionals Shouldn’t Get Paid!

When hiring a comedian, it’s vital that you’ve budgeted for them!  Doing so will ensure you’re able to pay them what they deserve, so they can keep making fantastic jokes.