Most children get their exercise running about and playing, but with increasingly more kids spending their free time playing video games or scrolling through videos on their smart devices, many are not getting enough. 

According to the CDC, the amount of physical activity that a child needs depends on their age. Children aged between 3 and 5 should be active throughout the day, while children aged between 6 and 17 should be physically active for at least 60 minutes every day. 

The Mayo Clinic recommends vigorous activity such as biking three times a week for children and adolescents aged 6 and over. So, how does cycling improve children’s health? 

The Benefits of Cycling for Physical and Mental Health

When it comes to the benefits for physical health, cycling is a fabulous exercise that helps to build and strengthen muscles in the entire body. As well as targeting muscles in the legs and glutes, cycling can also work muscles in the upper body, such as the abdomen and arms. And because cycling requires energy, it also provides a cardio workout for the child. Pedaling can be hard work, which causes the heart rate to speed up and stimulatecirculation. This improves lung function and boosts fitness. 

The experts at Woom say that emotional and mental health are also improved in those who practice regular cycling. A lightweight bike for kids will be easier to ride but will still improve fitness. The easier the bike is to ride, the more confident the child will become. Cycling encourages social skills and boosts a child’s self-esteem. It can be a terrific way for kids to meet other children in their neighborhood or as part of a cycling group. 

Stress has become more common for children,so cycling can be a wonderful way to relieve that stress. Getting out in the fresh air for some alone time on a bike is a fabulous stress buster not only for adults but also for kids.Moreover, relieving stress helps to improve mental health.  

What are the Other Benefits of Cycling for Children? 

As well as improving health, cycling has other benefits for children. For example, kids who cycle with their parents often have a better relationship with them. Cycling as a family gives everyone the chance to get to know each other better and is an activity that can be carried on for many years. 

Cycling is one of the best ways to get children outside. With many parents worrying that their kids spend far too much time in front of screens or with gadgets in their hands, having something that can break that habit can only be a good thing. 

Children who spend more time outside in the fresh air and getting their recommended dose of vitamin Dwill sleep better, which is better for their health – and better for parents too!


Many children do not get enough exercise. The world we live in is full of gadgets and gizmos, and kids often spend their free time in the house playing video games or watching content on smartphones or other mobile devices. 

One of the best ways to encourage children to take a break from their gadgets is with a bicycle. Cycling is a fantastic activity that will improve children’s physical and mental health as well as their emotional wellbeing. 

Kids that cycle regularly will sleep better and be fitter. Cycling will improve their social skills and boost their confidence and self-esteem. When buying a bike for children, look for a lightweight bike that will be easier to manage and control.