In most homes, the fireplace is the centerpiece of the living area. Unfortunately, it is also the place that many people neglect, as it seems like changing is difficult. Today’s financially conscious homeowner knows that rehab is generally less expensive than a complete replacement. Finding a company to do a fireplace remodel San Diego is a quick and easy way to give your home a facelift. 

Inexpensive Modernizations

An existing fireplace that has usable and safe mechanisms is the perfect setup for a less costly renovation. If the fireplace works correctly and you are happy with the results, some subtle updates make all the difference in the world, taking your home from drab to ‘WOW!’ in no time at all. Some ideas for a makeover include but aren’t limited to:

  • Brick fireplaces used to be more traditional with red or peach brick. Painting or whitewashing the brick adds character and is suitable for a farmhouse, industrial, or rustic-style home.
  • Wrapping with drywall or wood planks goes a long way in providing a big change. Left unfinished or stained with a cedar color, it changes the look completely for a more modern feel. Painting the wood black around the fireplace surround with contrasting white drywall lends a minimalist aspect.
  • Adding stone and installing bookcases to each side of the fireplace transforms the space into a cozy, warm reading area. 
  • Tiles come in a plethora of styles, colors, and patterns. For a vintage atmosphere, an artisan tile provides a fun surround. 
  • Older fireplaces may have marble tiles. Replacing this with a stone veneer converts the space completely. 
  • Adding a new mantel is also an excellent opportunity to create a miraculous metamorphosis. If you want something antique but can’t locate or afford it, the appearance can be manufactured. Using pine boards, build a thick slab, stain, and then distress it. Voila – you have a vintage mantel!
  • Concrete is the latest in decor due to its utilitarian qualities. With shades of gray and a smooth surface, concrete is a multifaceted material. Fireplace surround takes on a modern, rustic, Old World, or traditional character, depending on the detailing methods used. 
  • Glass fireplace doors deliver not only safety for wood units, but also add a more traditional overtone.

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