Founded in 2018, The Print School is a platform dedicated to helping creative and emerging textile print designers boost their skills in an increasingly competitive employment market. Part of a working fabric design studio, Print School thrives on helping designers at every stage of their career level up their skills, connect to the commercial side of digital textile design and gain the confidence to create inspired designs that make the industry want more of you.

The parent studio of The Print School, Longina Phillips Designs, has been in operation for over 30 years, over this time, they have established themselves as one of the top five working textile studios in the world and sell to over 2000 clients across 35 countries spanning every corner of the globe. They have worked with leading fashion and lifestyle brands that include Anthropologie, Sheridan, Prabal Gurung and Givenchy and many more. Their prints have been seen in many publications and spotted on the likes of many models.

With their wide selection of digital textile courses, Longina Phillips Design’s expert and industry-leading designers are going to help you develop your painting, design and Photoshop skills, enough to bring you to a whole new level. When you work with The Print Shop, you know you’re working with the best in the business.

Why Learn Print Design?

With the Print School’s array of fabric design courses, you can secure the design job of your dreams, or elevate your craft to higher levels.

During this course, you’ll see exactly how the senior staff at Longina Phillips Designs draw, paint, and use Photoshop to produce some of the higher regarded surface print patterns sold in the world today.

There is no longer a need to blindly go through the process, let The Print School show you the insight, skills and techniques you need to get underway in digital textile designing. They aim to help you skip the stumbles, and the uncertainty and instead create beautiful, printable, professional, industry-ready print designs. If you’re already in the industry, the courses will help you level up your set of skills and increase your productivity.

Here’s What To Like

No prior experience

You don’t need any prior experience to partake in any of The Print School’s courses. The classes are designed for everyone, from beginner to advanced levels. The most important thing is to consider which course is best for you and go from there. The courses are designed to take you through techniques that you can develop, practice and use in your designs.

Expand your knowledge

Even if you already are an industry professional, it’s common for creatives to keep learning and growing. The Print School offers a wealth of knowledge from a talented group of designers. All the designers have different skills honed over the years, and these are the skills shared in the courses.

Print school is 100% online

Being completely digital means the courses offered by The Print School are accessible anywhere at any time, all you need is a computer, phone or tablet with an internet connection. If you’re using a smart device, downloading the Kajabi App is all you need, and you’re ready to go.

Courses are always available

The Print School offers lifetime courses so, yep, that means forever. That means you can take your time, do the course as many times as you’d like, and they’ll always be there for you to refer back to year after year. And you also have the Facebook community at your fingertips for as long as Zuckerberg says.

Refunds Available

If you get to the end of the course and feel like it wasn’t all that you expected, or it just didn’t suit you, The Print Shop has a 100% money-back guarantee.

No completion tests

Stress and creativity don’t go well together. All the Print Shop hopes for is that you finish the course and see your work improve.

Active community

The Print Shop has a Facebook community group that involves current and graduate students. They have a great community that can encourage and help new students whenever needed. This means you can tap into like-minded souls anytime, anywhere and know that there is always someone to help, who understands what you’re going through. The teachers are also on hand to give you a boost and answer any questions you may have.

Print School is for everyone

If you enjoy surface pattern design, then the Print School suits you. They have courses fit for creative designers in every stage of their career, from fresh newcomers wanting to break into the fabric design industry to experienced professionals looking to upskill and move ahead of the rest.

A Wide Range of Courses

If you want to create industry-leading fabric designs or surface patterns that make a splash with the whole world. Whether you’re just starting, or you have experience and want to step up, it is with these courses that you will upskill.


Beginner’s Course

Start your print design career on the right foot, without any of the pitfalls, and get ahead faster with this beginner course.

Beginners Tutorial: Floral Illustration

This course is fantastic for levelling up your linework with simple pencil swaps and game-changing techniques.

Gouache Leaves

Get your head around the basics of layering gouache and give your tropical prints a whole new lease on life, with this all-inclusive course.

Gouache Roses

This course is the leading way to unlocking the secret to painting stunning, vintage-style roses and peonies.

Gouache Paisleys

Learn the tricks and tips to nail the tear-shaped paisley design and create a strong set of coordinating ethnic shapes.

The Drawing Courses Cover:

  • The best tools for the job, including paper type, pencils, graphite’s and how to use them.
  • How to choose good reference material.
  • Detailed instructions.
  • An overview of the stages of textile production.
  • How to compose a strong layout.
  • How to speed up illustrations.
  • Learn when to stop drawing.
  • Learn to draw flowers, leaves, and paisleys more efficiently with minimum work.


Beginner’s Course

Begin your design career with increased knowledge of Photoshop, from those who make a living out of it.

PS Illustration

All the knowledge you need to create a repeating print in Photoshop is covered in this course.

10 Stunning Commercial Designs

Multiply your productivity with this unbeatable course which features all the tips and tricks to get your work done faster.

Why Photoshop?

In the design world, Photoshop is well-loved as an essential software for designers. The platform is so versatile, that it allows users to work with the widest possible range of design styles. The software even allows for use of brushes and ink within Photoshop to draw art right there. Even if you use the usual paint and paper style of art, it can be scanned into the software and cleaned up or tweaked in any way as required. When you know how to use it, Photoshop is the best tool in the hands of designers.


Business Course

Carve the creative career you’ve always wanted with this one-of-a-kind business course, it has intakes twice a year and can professionally streamline your work.

The Business Course Covers:

  • This course gives you clarity and focus by teaching the exact steps needed to build a successful business, so you are not wasting time or money on unproductive tasks.
  • Partaking in this course can take you from a struggling and stressed-out hobbyist to an entrepreneur, using the same strategies that have made LPD one of the longest-running design studios in the industry.
  • This course will help you gain insider knowledge to help you monetise quickly and confidently.

You Get a Completion Certificate

When your course is completed, you will be provided with the appropriate documentation to prove that you completed the curse. This completion certificate, signed by Longina Phillips herself, is a great way to show off that you have industry-recognised skills. This certificate can then be mentioned in your CV or placed into your graphic design folio to show off your new skills.

One Last Thing

The Print School prides itself in facilitating you to build a global career in surface pattern design and hopes to help you create a signature style and cut through the competition to take charge of your creative life.

With the help of their courses, you can improve everything from mastering drawing, shading and making designs sustainable to specialised Photoshop courses. The overall idea of the courses at the Print School is to pair creative design with commercial knowledge and technical tips, the best of all worlds.

As time goes on, it becomes clearer that humans live in a digital world, and although you probably enjoy touching designs, they must be able to be mass-produced. Before the garment is even made, it’s a design that exists in a digital space. Thus, it follows that you need a good eye, good drawing skills and a vision. The Print Shop can take all these skills and help you understand the technology to make it happen commercially.

If you like the sound of the curses and the development available at The Print Shop, you can See More online.