Creating Functional and Modern Spaces

These days, homeowners are looking to undertake home improvement projects for a better living space. Such an improvement is focused on improving a property’s aesthetic appeal and value. As trends and technologies evolve, homeowners can consider smart home integrations and environment-friendly upgrades. With access to sustainable materials and energy-efficient appliances, homeowners prioritize environment-conscious choices that minimize their carbon footprint and help them save money. Below are design trends that inspire to create spaces that are functional, modern, and unique to owners. 

Sustainable Living

This year, sustainability is still the main focus for homeowners who wish to follow environment-friendly practices. Edina MN real estate experts Cari Ann Carter Group work with people who want to own a home that incorporates technologies and materials into their homes to minimize their environmental impact. People are increasingly using recycled materials like recycled glass and reclaimed wood. Also, builders may recommend energy-efficient upgrades like sustainable insulation, solar panels, and advanced window fittings to improve thermal efficiency. Such changes contribute to the health of the planet and help lower energy bills. 

Open Flow

Home improvement and construction projects are also focused on creating a smooth indoor-outdoor connection. As homeowners appreciate the advantages of outdoor living and natural light, many invest in huge bi-folding or sliding doors, conservatories, and expansive windows. Builders in Edina are concentrating on remodels that open up houses to outdoor spaces, improving a home’s practical functionality and aesthetic appeal. This includes installations such as external home offices, outdoor kitchens, and integrated patio areas. 

Smart Home Technology

Home renovations in 2024 are expected to integrate convenience, energy efficiency, and security like lighting fixtures, smart thermostats, and security systems. For builders, smart kitchen appliances are popular design integrations that smartphone applications can control. Such a trend is focused on merging technology with everyday life, giving people control and comfort. 

Edina MN real estate experts Cari Ann Carter Group
Edina MN real estate experts Cari Ann Carter Group

Multifunctional Spaces

With the increasing number of people who are working from remote locations, multifunctional spaces are increasing in demand. Rooms in homes can also be used as a home office, relaxation areas, or gyms at the same time. Builders are developing solutions like retractable room dividers, fold-away desks, and built-in storage solutions, so homeowners can easily change the purpose of a room. This trend helps people maximize their square footage, making sure their houses can adjust to different needs at various times of the day.

Bold Colors and Textures

For a long time, neutral tones have been prominent in the field of interior design. This year, builders and homeowners are going for vibrant color schemes in living areas and kitchens, adding vibrancy and character to such spaces. Also, rich fabrics, textured wallpapers, and decorative finishes are expected to become popular, offering a touch of elegance and depth to spaces. Usually, such design elements are paired with quality finishes and fixtures.

High-End Bathrooms

A lot of people want to convert their bathrooms into a spa-like space, with relaxation and tranquility in mind. So, renovations are expected to concentrate on establishing spa-like environments within homes. This includes installing big freestanding bathtubs, soothing lighting, and rainfall showers. High-end materials like bespoke cabinets and natural stone are key to achieving such a luxurious feel. In addition, builders are integrating moisture-resistant materials and advanced plumbing solutions to guarantee the durability and relaxation of such exquisite bathrooms. 


Builders today are focusing on creating personalized spaces that express the individual style, needs, and tastes of owners. This trend is about people working with builders to build unique rooms that have stories to tell. This trend manifests in bespoke furniture, custom cabinetry, and tailor-made lighting solutions, letting people own a functional space that truly represents themselves.