If you sustained personal injuries in a car crash caused by another party, you may try to exchange information with the at-fault driver while still at the crash scene. And when the police arrive, you will answer questions from them. Also, you have to see a doctor and get a medical evaluation to determine any injuries you may have suffered. 

Unless you have been in this kind of accident in the past, you may have questions regarding the settlement process in Ontario, CA. A personal injury attorney in Ontario can guide you through each step of the process and advocate for you. They can negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Keep reading to know how the settlement process works:

Documenting Your Medical Expenses

Your medical records will provide information on how much medical treatment you needed for your injuries. Often, the dollar amount is recoverable from the negligent driver. You must document all the treatments you get, so your attorney can include everything in your personal injury claim. 

In addition, your medical records will give a link between your injuries and the crash that caused them. After a car accident, you need to seek immediate medical attention. The opposing party may argue that your injuries did not directly result from the accident. Also, your records will establish the seriousness and extent of your personal injuries as well as the kinds of treatment you got to restore your health. 

Sending a Demand Letter

Your medical records, lost income details, and out-pocket losses will be used by your attorney to determine the fair settlement you can demand from the insurance company. Non-economic losses such as pain and suffering, ongoing disability, and disfigurement are also considered for your claim’s financial evaluation. 

Personal injury lawyers and insurers have access to jury verdict databases that inform them about the amount of money a jury might award to an individual in your situation. Your injury attorney will write and send a demand letter to the insurer, stating your compensation claim and the acceptable amount of money for settling your case. 

Negotiating with the Insurer

Often, insurers take demand letters from attorneys seriously in personal injury claims. They might make a counteroffer or refuse to take responsibility for the claimant’s injuries and losses. In some instances, a claims adjuster may accuse the claimant of causing the crash and demand that they pay money to the negligent driver. 

 A skilled injury lawyer will negotiate with the insurer until a settlement agreement is reached. If necessary, they can file a lawsuit in court for the claimant to ask a judge or jury to award their client monetary damages for their injuries.