Trying to figure out which gold coins are the best as an investment can be daunting. Especially since there are so many types of gold coins that are available out there. There are many gold bullion coins that have always been well-sought after. These are recognised globally and can be found anywhere. If you choose to buy gold Brisbane you will find an array of internationally recognised coins to choose from. Most countries have their own gold bullion coins minted by government mints. Australia has two modern coins that are beautiful and recognized all over the world. Because of their beauty and purity and varying sizes, they are popular coins that are bought for investment the world over.

Royal Australian Mint Vs Perth Mint

There are currently two Australian mints that produce legal tender gold bullion coins in Australia. These are the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint.

The Royal Australian Mint was founded in 1965 as the primary mint for producing decimal circulation coins that were new at the time. The Royal Australian Mint can be found in Canberra. Today the mint is still the only mint authorized to produce ordinary circulating coins that Australians use in their daily lives. However, it is also authorized to strike legal tender coins for investing and collecting.

The Perth Mint is the earliest mint to be founded by the Australian government. In the beginning, it was a branch of the Royal British Mint in 1899. However, nowadays the mint is a wholly-owned by the Australian government.

Australian Investment-grade gold bullion coins

If you are looking at investing in gold bullion coins why not look at the locally produced gold coins. You are most likely to come across locally produced when you decide to buy gold Brisbane. You should keep in mind that these are produced with the latest technology to exacting standards. They are in demand as much as any of the popular international gold bullion coins on the market like the American gold eagle coins, the South African Krugerrand or the Canadian Maple leaf gold coins. These coins have higher premiums and are produced in limited numbers which makes them more desirable and more expensive. So, if you want to buy gold bullion for investment purposes, focus on the ”cost-effective ones”.

The Perth Mint Australian Gold Kangaroos:

The Australian Kangaroo coins are the most iconic Australian gold coins. They are made of .9999 gold and come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1/20 oz to 1 Kg.

The Perth Mint has been minting Gold Kangaroos since 1986. Between 1986 and 1989 their design featured the famous gold nuggets that were found in Australia with names and years of discovery engraved. This Is why they are often referred to as the gold nugget coins. In 1990, the reverse image featured a red Kangaroo. Through the years, the coins have featured other Kangaroo species. The Australian Kangaroo gold coins are considerably more cost-effective than other foreign coins and easier to buy or sell. 

The Royal Australian Mint (RAM) also produces Gold Kangaroos bullion coins with the same specifications as the Perth mint. There is a difference though. The RAM Gold Kangaroo coins feature a jumping red Kangaroo on its reverse side. This is enriched with an image of the Tasmanian Blue-Gum tree with its nuts, leaves, and flowers. While the Perth Mint changes the design of its Gold Kangaroo coins every year, the Royal Australian Mint’s reverse side design does not change.