Women love it when they get to dress up in button-down shirts because it offers them a sense of elegance and also a chic look when worn. Hence, every woman wishes to have button-downs of many colours, designs, and also options in her closet.

To help women that are in need of professional button-downs, Ella Hopefeldt came up with many options. One such is the pink shirt for women. The shirts are available in any form as per the wish of one buying them in this destination. You can check their website to get more information on finding the best dress shirt options for you.

Finding the Right Dress Shirts

Some tips can help you find the right choices while shopping for button-downs. Here are some for you.

·         Price over the Requirement

The price of the shirt or the amount that you spend will not matter when you cannot find the shirt that fits perfectly to your taste and body type. Hence, forget about the money that you are willing to spend on the shirt that you do not need and look for the options that are the right fit for you and come within your budget.

·         Find the Right Fit

Only a proper fitted shirt can make you look chic and yet elegant in a professional environment. Hence, look for the shirts that come with the sleeves that hit right at your wrist when worn, and the seam of the shirt sits perfectly on your shoulder. The buttons should not feel like pulling apart when you put the shirt on.

What is the ideal fit while finding the button-down? The answer is quite simple. Look for the ones that do not have gaping holes when worn, can be easily tucked in, covers the wrist area perfectly, and can offer the ease of moving your arm up and down.

·         Fabric is the Most Important Factor

Shirts of some fabric might not be the right fit for your body style. The universal fabric that is ideal for all body types and also body figures is cotton. Look for the cotton shirts that are designed with the breathable stitching option.

·         Colours should be Neutral

Do not go for the bright colours that can make you stand out in the crowd. Look for the options that are classy, and elegant, and also offer a neutral sense for you when worn.

·         Collar Type is Mandatory

Some collar types with some fabric types may not be ideal for you because they won’t sit perfectly with each other. Hence, find the shirts that have stiff collars and can be easily tamed while worn.

·         Go with the Style

The style that you choose to go with your look will define the ideal option for you. For instance, if you love the professional style, then go with the shirts that offer an easy tucking option when worn. If your preference is a business casual look, then find the French Tuck shirts. Finally, the casual look shirts are the ones with the sleeves that can be easily rolled up, when worn.

Not all shirts are the best choice for everyone. Try everything and find your style.