Calgary has always been a competitive city.  From the beginning as a ranching and farming city, causing the Calgary Stampede to start, to the modern sports that still get the blood pumping in locals today, it’s hard to avoid getting in the spirit while you live here.

This is a guide to the countless sports teams in Calgary and which games you should check out if you get the chance.


Calgary’s baseball teams aren’t their most popular, but there are fans that back them all the way.  The city is fielding two AAA High-Performance teams in the 2022 season.  The Calgary Bucks are the most recognizable team in the city and are highly competitive, although it doesn’t get the massive following it deserves.

If you want the chance to get to go to an affordable and fun game without getting overwhelmed by the crowds, consider going to a baseball game in Calgary. 


Calgary is home to a few soccer associations, each representing its own level.  These are the Calgary Foothills Soccer Club, the Calgary United Soccer Association, the Calgary Minor Soccer Association, and so many more.  Fans are wild about soccer this year, and there’s been a lot of support behind the Calvary Football Club: the Canadian professional soccer team based in Calgary that plays at the ATCO Field.  

Ice Hockey

If you ever need to cool down after running around looking at Calgary homes for sale: it’s time to stop and go to an ice hockey game.  The most popular team in Calgary is by far the Calgary Flames.  This dynamic and rough team is amazing to watch going head to head with any other team.  Of course, most competitive against the Edmonton Oilers, you can’t go into a single restaurant, bar, or store without finding Flames merch or jerseys.  This is a team the entire city roots for. 


Calgary’s top basketball teams have changed hands, names, and teams constantly.  Frome 2012 to 2015, the most popular run of a basketball team was The Calgary Crush.  These members were part of the American Basketball Association and played incredibly well for as long as they were allowed to.  Women’s basketball has a great presence in this city as well, with the Calgary Dinos women’s team constantly drawing in more viewers than the male team.  


Calgary is a big lacrosse city, with multiple teams they’re happy to flaunt.  They are the Calgary Roughnecks, the Calgary Mountaineers, and the Calgary Shamrocks.  Each team is fantastic and ready to catch eyes on the field, and their games are electric if you’re ever able to catch one.  

Although this can be a rough sport to get into if you’re unfamiliar with it, once you understand the rules, it can be exhilarating.  

Calgary’s Hot Competition

Calgary knows how to win and understands the importance of being creative and flexible.  If you’re ever in Alberta and craving an intense game of any kind: it’s time to make your way to Calgary and watch some of the best sportsmanship you’ll ever see.