Race is one of the most accessible sports there is. Just have a comfortable pair of sneakers, and you can already take your first steps. But of course, in addition to sneakers, other accessories can help the runner’s life a lot – and that’s why some practitioners call them indispensable.


There are models of sunglasses that are designed for sports practice. They have lenses that adjust according to the ambient light – getting lighter when you’re in the shade and darker when the sun is strong – and they’re also lightweight and super-comfortable to use in practice and competitions.

Multipurpose Belts

To avoid running with too much stuff in your pockets – or having to wear a fanny pack or backpack during training or competition – multipurpose belts are essential for runners. Made from lycra or stretch fabric, these belts fit perfectly around the waist and allow you to store your cell phone, keys, supplements, and everything else you need to take along for your run.

Hydration Belts/Backpacks

Staying hydrated is an indispensable strategy for a runner of any level. That’s why hydration belts and backpacks are items you need to add running to your daily life. Especially for longer workouts, belts and backpacks help to avoid stopping at the drinking fountains or having to carry water squeezers in your hands, making your hydration more comfortable during practice.

Sport Visors Or Caps

Cooler than traditional caps, visors and sports caps are made of fabric suitable for the practice of physical activity, in addition to protecting against the sun’s rays. Even in the rain, these accessories can be useful as they help to prevent water from getting into your eyes.

Sports Watches

Keeping track of training time, speed, and strategy on every kilometer is essential for the runner who takes the sport seriously. Therefore, sports watches have developed models that are ideal for running. In addition to time and training data, these watches track heart rate, are super light (and comfortable), and waterproof (and sweat!). There are quite complete models with the ability to upload spreadsheets and other data. If you’re starting, go for the most basic ones.


Whether on your cell phone, portable radio, or inseparable MP3 player, music is an indispensable item to accompany many runners. If you’re one of those practitioners who improve performance and focus with good music, remember to always carry your liveliest playlists with you (and your most comfortable running headphones – lightweight and wireless).

Light Clothing With Sports Fabric

Running is an activity that will make you sweat a lot. Therefore, using garments made of sports fabric (those that allow perspiration) and that is lightweight is an indispensable strategy. These pieces of clothing will make you feel more comfortable during the run, in addition to helping to regulate your body temperature, which rises during exercise.