As one of the tourist destinations, Makassar has various kinds of typical souvenirs. Starting from knick-knacks souvenirs to typical Makassar snacks, you can give to your beloved family at home. If you are curious about what souvenirs are usually found in Makassar, see the information below.

  • Toraja Handicrafts

The choice of special Makassar souvenirs that you can buy is Toraja Handicrafts. These crafts include wood carvings, key chains, paintings, authentic Toraja clothes, and tissue boxes made with a touch of Toraja culture. The price is also cheap, following the materials and types of handicrafts.

  • Otak Otak Ikan Tenggiri

The typical Makassar food souvenirs that are pretty popular among tourists are the mackerel fish otak-otak. You can taste the delicious otak otak ikan tenggiri, wrapped using banana leaves before finally being grilled. You can find these souvenirs along Losari Beach and other places. However, two otak-otak outlets known to travelers’ favorites are ‘otak-otak “Ibu Elly”’ at Kijang street, and ‘otak-otak “Ibu Sanny”’ at Lasinrang street.

  • Bugis Woven Cloth and Sarong

In Makassar you can buy woven cloth or typical Bugis sarongs as souvenirs. Bugis woven fabrics and sarongs have unique and interesting patterns. Fabric materials also vary there cottons and silks. The price is quite affordable, you can get it starting from IDR. 20,000.

  • Bannang-Bannang

Bannang-bannang is a typical form of snack from Makassar. Bannang-bannang means yarn. It is named so because the shape of the snack resembles a tangled thread that is folded. This food is commonly served at Makassar traditional weddings because it tastes sweet.

  • Baruasa

Another Makassar souvenir alternative is Baruasa. Baruasa is a food made of a mixture of rice flour, eggs and dry grated coconut. Baruasa is one of the traditional Makassar cakes that you can find in many corners of Makassar. Do not forget to choose Baruasa as a gift option for your relatives.

  • Kue Kurma or Kurma Cake

Kue kurma is a typical Makassar cake that you can also choose to bring home for souvenirs. This dish is made of eggs, butter, wheat flour, and cornstarch wrapped in caramel to resemble a kue kurma visually. This souvenir is a favorite of tourists because of its delicious combination of sweet and savory flavors.

  • Kacang Sembunyi

This typical snack of Makassar is very unique. This snack is called Kacang Sembunyi (literally meaning “Hiding Peanuts” in english) because it is made from peanuts which are coated with flour. This snack is suitable to be consumed while relaxing or just sunbathing on the beach. You can find this snack in Makassar souvenir centers or traditional markets.

  • DHT Syrup

DHT syrup is a special syrup in Makassar. This typical Makassar souvenir is the mainstay of Makassar City, made with the taste of Ambon banana. If you have been to Cirebon, it tastes like tjampolay syrup. Uniquely, this syrup product has never changed its packaging since forever.

  • Markisa Syrup

Not only DHT syrup, but Makassar also has Markisa Syrup. Similar to Medan whose famous Markisa Syrup that is usually purchased as souvenirs, Makassar also has Markisa Syrup which has a distinctive taste. Markisa Syrup belongs to Makassar, and is made from natural passion fruit, not the artificial passion fruit. This product can be easily found at various supermarket outlets in Makassar city.

  • Toraja Coffee

Coffee fans are obliged to include Toraja Coffee on the souvenir shopping list before going home. This Toraja coffee has a distinctive Makassar taste that is different from ordinary coffee in general. There are three types of choices such as Arabica, Robusta, and Special Blend. You can easily find Toraja Coffee at the Makassar souvenir center.

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